Monday, January 28, 2013

Rick's Mushrooms

This is a recipe I got while staying with T's friend Rick up in Montana. He made them for us to go with steak, and that's how I made them. It's very easy and only needs a few ingredients, but here is your warning: IT TAKES A REALLY LONG TIME for all that red wine to boil down. So start this long, long, long before you even begin prepping anything else!! Warning #2: it is shocking how much the mushrooms cook down, so it really is best to make at least the full 16 ounces. Or more. Okay, no more warnings or you won't want to make these-and they're really good.

What you need
  • 16 ounce package of mushrooms. Button are fine, I used baby bellas.
  • enough red wine to cover up the mushrooms. 
  • a few tablespoons of butter
  • garlic salt.
What to do:
  • Wash and slice the mushrooms. A lot of people don't wash their mushrooms, and you can do whatever you want, but I do. They grow in dirt and manure. 
  • Melt 2-4 T of butter in a big pan. Ah, go ahead, use 4.
  • Add the mushrooms, toss to coat in butter, and give them a few minutes to cook down a bit.

  • Pour the red wine over the mushrooms-almost to the top of them.

  • Keep the mixure simmering to allow the wine to cook all the way off. This can take an hour+. Plan accordingly.
  • When you think they are done, they're not. turn up the heat a bit and add garlic salt. I didn't measure how much. Taste test and add more as needed. allow them to cook some more and carmelize a bit. Steam your veggies and cook your steak now. (I don't know if mushrooms really do carmelize, but they get even more delicious). 
  • Serve. Good as a side and great on steak or other meat. 

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