Monday, April 28, 2014

How to turn your thin, runny yogurt into thick, Greek-like yogurt

This is so simple I'm not even sure it counts as a recipe. But I didn't know it before, and now I do, and I am happier for it! So it stays.

For some reason, all the yogurt in Paraguay (and I assume, all of Latin America) is a liquidy drink. Now I admit, this comes in handy if you only have one hand free because you have coffee in the other hand, or if you don't have a spoon. However, I *love* thick, creamy yogurt with berries and other goodies mixed in. Sometimes the fancy stores here have Greek yogurt but only the flavored kind, and I'm really a flavor-it-yourself kind of girl.

I'm not sure if it counts as "Greek" but it is delicious. And all it takes is a coffee filter and some time.

What you need:
Regular yogurt
coffee filter or cheesecloth
clothespins and a container

What to do:
Put your coffee filter over the top of a container, and secure with clothespins or a rubber band.
Pour yogurt in.
(I put it in before going to bed so it's ready in the morning. I don't like waiting that much)
When the majority of the liquid has drained into the cup, it's done! Dump the liquid, and pour/squeeze the yogurt in the coffee filter into a container. Wallah! It's so easy!

I don't have the "after" picture yet...I'm too impatient. Hopefully I won't oversleep and I'll take it in the morning.

Has anyone tried this with the metal reusable coffee filters? I haven't, because, well, you know, I need it to make coffee. High priority in this house. But leave a comment and let me know if you have.

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