Friday, January 6, 2012

Cooking for one: tips

I live by myself and work full-time, and often my coworkers are surprised that I take the time to cook when it's just me. So I've decided to share a few tips for making it a little easier to cook for 1.

1. Make the full recipe instead of halving-leftovers are a good thing! Pretty self-explanatory. If you get sick of eating the same thing for several days in a row, most leftovers freeze well, and a few weeks later you will be glad for something different without having to cook!

2. When you make something that requires a little bit of time and effort-make extras and freeze! This is what I did with the bell peppers AND pesto in the next recipe. I made them a couple weeks ago for the breakfast I linked, and I needed to use up a bunch of peppers anyway! Now I can just grab the snack-sized bags out of the freezer. Wallah!

3. Ice cube trays are the best. I use them for pesto, tomato sauce, green chile sauce...pretty much any liquid that won't stay good in the fridge forever. Spray a little Pam into them first, fill with whatever you have (each filled cube is about 2 T.), freeze, then pop them out with a butter knife. I wrap the cubes in plastic, put in a zip-top baggie, and throw them in the freezer for later!

Happy cooking!

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